Jackson James

“Working at JDS is a dream, it really is as good as it gets” At the heart of JDS is engineer/producer Jake Davey, not only is Jake a gifted producer, his knowledge of music production extends from his many years as a well established seasoned musician.

“JD Studio’s is purpose designed and purpose built to rival any studio” Using modern recording techniques, an arsenal of professional equipment You can be sure JDS has got you covered if you’re looking for affordable High quality, recording, video media or photography.

“It’s such a creative space, I never want to go home” I’ve been working with JDS now for about 18 months, in this time they have helped me grow and develop my original music, challenged me with live performances and created outstanding media content.

2019 we’re in full flight, production has begun and I’m on track to release my first solo EP.


Maddy Andrews

When I walked into the studio for the first time, I knew I was in the right place had met the right producer and musician to put my dream into motion. I am new to the entire studio process and Jake has made this entire process fun, exciting and professional.

His personality makes you feel excited to make music every time you walk through the door. His studio space is world class and provides musicians an opportunity to experience something really special in a regional area.

During our sessions, Jake has picked up on every vibe, every idea and sound that I wanted. He has a great talent for understanding who you are as a musician and what sound you are looking for as a result. I am so happy with the quality of production, work space, Jakes professionalism and how the studio just feels like a home. It makes the creative space so beautiful to work in and I am so excited to release my finished EP with Jakes unparalleled service and expertise.

I can’t wait to get back in there for my next session!

Chelsea Berman

I love coming to Jakes studio, not just because of his amazing equipment, modern decor and awesome production skills, but also because the studio feels like home and it is such a comfortable place to record in!

Minnie Marks

The 10 days I spent recording my album with Jake Davey was one of the best musical choices I have ever made. Jake’s ears are insanely good and his ability to hone in on fine detail truly shines in the end product. I know where I’ll be recording my next album…

Kylie Jane

Thank you so much to JDS studios for the awesome vibes. Working in the studio was an amazing experience & I am so excited to do more & more. As a Recording artist & full-time musician for the past 10 years, coming to JDS studios was a HUGE TREAT. The space is such an incredible atmosphere, I leave feeling inspired & wanting to book straight back in to do more!! I highly recommend JDS studio's for any type of recording artist, he is a dream to work with & always puts his clients first. If you're ready to record your music or even create music, Jakes your man. I'm keen for the future, Thanks for being so musically genius, great vibes & helping me create sounds I live for.

Love, KJ music

Kyle Shilling

From day one I’ve been hooked on the professionalism that Jake Davey has offered. His expertise behind the “Difficult side of things” is amazing. Every time I work with him he continues to surprise me with how well he can cater for my needs/wants in the studio.

I myself am a rapper/lyricist so for someone like Jake Davey who is not a rapper to produce the quality of work that he has done for me is “OUTSTANDING”.

I’ve now worked with Jake for the last 3 years and will continue to work with him until the end. I personally can not recommend a better producer in the area.

Matt Zarb

I have known Jake since he was fourteen years old. I knew the day I met him and heard him play he was something special and would move mountains one day in the music industry. He has evolved into and entity to be reckoned with with the development of his fantastic studio. His musical ability mixed with perfect ears and complete knowledge of his state of the art equipment make the recipe to tick every box in the criteria for the ultimate studio. A “Jake Davey Studio” experience is like this ! CREATIVE, FUN, GOOD VIBE, FAST, ACCURATE, THOUGHTFUL & POSITIVE Jake takes the time to get out of you what you’re trying to express and make that record what you dreamt of. I’ve spent many days in there on different projects and he nails it down every single time. What a treat ! Thanks Jake

Hudson Rose

Jake has fully emerged himself into his musical career over the past three years, diving deep into all aspects of performing, songwriting, photography and production. The studio looks, feels and sounds amazing. Very professional in a relaxing and supportive environment.

Amberley J

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jake for 8 years. JakeDaveyStudios has never been anything but professional and an all round positive environment. The quality of my recordings and videos that have been produced have always exceeded my expectations. Jake takes the time to make sure that he knows exactly what his client wants, goes above and beyond to make sure that they leave completely happy and satisfied with the work he has done. I wouldn’t recommend anyone above him.

Darren Jack

Jake Davey is professional and enthusiastic about recording and producing artists. He creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes it easy to come in and do your thing. Highly recommended.


Jacob Muenger

JDS is an amazing place to record at, Jake is very friendly and extremely helpful in creating and releasing music and has the knowledge to go with it. Great place for first time artists like myself and has the equipment and ability to handle experienced ones. Kind, affordable and professional 10/10.

Sammy White

I’ve done a couple of writing sessions with Jake now. His professionalism, musicality and positive attitude have made for easy writes and I have left both times with songs I love! His clear vision for writing and production definitely help in the creative process. I would highly recommend working with Jake!


Luke Ligtenberg


Rachel Laing


Harrison Hoven